Connect with fellow makers and get real things done together

Join a group of like-minded people, make yourself accountable and be more productive than ever.
How does it work?

First, define your goals

You set up to 4 goals for the next week.
Setting 1, 2, 3 or 4 goals is ok, while 5 is often too much

Second, connect with people

Each week you join a new online group of 2-4 makers. Find mastermind partners. Make business connections. Ask for feedback or help. Networking is easy!

Third, become accountable

You deposit $ (average deposit is $20) to keep yourself motivated. Each unfinished task will cost you something, so plan accordingly

Then, stay on track

Have each finished task approved by at least 50% of group members and you're good. You will participate in approving others' progress as well, which won't require more than half an hour a week

Be honest, make $$$

At the end of the week makers who achieved most share the prize pool collected from all failed tasks

Focus on real results

Be ready to attach a screenshot, GIF, link to your website or pretty much anything that reflects your progress to get your goal approved.

Can't set up at least one goal that fits this requirement? Skip a week and come back once you have something real to work on.

It's challenging, but that's the main reason why it works

First of all, it's individuals who help the whole community evolve.
Let's get in touch?

Got questions? We'd be happy to answer. Please reach us on Twitter or Telegram.